Common Grooming Mistakes Too Many Guys Make

dangers of male grooming

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the failure to wash one’s hands frequently with antibacterial soap greatly increases the risk of contracting diseases such as influenza, hepatitis A, streptococcus, and staph infections. However, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can also screw with your skin.  How? It messes with your skin’s ability to produce oil and can leave it dry and flaky.

Also, non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers routinely use triclosan; overuse of this ingredient are what’s leading to “superbugs,” which are resistant to medicines and will basically destroy mankind.

The good news is that your hands will be plenty clean when you’ve unleashed a superbug that eventually turns humans into flesh-eating zombies. The bad news? Well, the flesh-eating zombies are bad, but so is the fact that trying to stay hygienic and clean often leads to an undesirable outcome. Here are a few other grooming habits that can go wrong …

Common Male Grooming Mistakes

trim bush

Problem: Poor Shaving Technique Down There

Data from 2002-2010 found that an estimated 11,704 incidents occurred from genitourinary injuries (GU) that were related to people who couldn’t groom their pubes properly. The study didn’t get into specifics as to what went wrong — our guess is that guys were using hedge clippers, weed whackers, or chainsaws to hack off their bushes — but the bottom line is that some guys just can’t groom their junk properly.

So, how do you groom your junk and the surrounding area? For one, carefully. Second, by cutting the area with a small, sharp pair of scissors and then running a personal groomer over the areas you want to trim. Oh, and don’t cheap out on the groomer. You get what you pay for.

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Issue: Shaving Down There Ups Your Odds of Acquiring Pox 

Some research has revealed that that a pox virus, Molluscum contagiosum, is much more prominent in people who have removed all of their pubic hair. 28 of 30 reported cases of the viral infection arose due to this grooming habit.

So what’s your play? Go full hippy and let that bush grow to epic Julius Erving afro proportions. Or make sure you clean your grooming tools .

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