How Not To Get Screwed When Splitting A Tab

Bill App ModernMan.comWhen you go out to eat with a group of friends, there always seems to be at least one sucker who gets the shaft and ends up paying more than he should when the bill is settled. And we’re guessing you’re usually that sucker. (We certainly are.)

Billr ($1) is an easy-to-use iPhone app that’ll hold the assho!e who ordered filet mignon and tried to pass it off like he got a garden salad when the check comes accountable. All you do is input the names of the people in your party, the cost of each dish, and select amounts for the tax and tip. The app enables you to divide the bill with up to 16 people, and when the totals have been calculated, you can either pass your phone around to show what everyone owes, or send them a text or email with a copy of the split bill.