How popular are classic cars in 2020?

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Nowadays, one can really discover the wonder: are the classic cars still the matter of interest? With a large supply of new cars, others no longer believe that there may be people who prefer to invest in these car models that were popular three, four, five, or even six decades ago. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people investing in classic cars. Will classic cars remain popular in 2020? If so, how popular are they?

Are these cars just for collectors? In fact, classic cars aren’t just for collectors. Of course, cars are bought for private collections but that is not it. There is a clear tendency that more and more people buy classic cars for their own use. This means that instead of buying a new or used car for their daily trips from point A to point B, they just decide to choose a classic car. Other people buy these cars for participation in the race.

Why classic cars are getting popular? Usually, such a purchase is in one way or another related to the love for cars. Some may admire certain models of classic cars. Others like to repair and renovate cars themselves. And he is also happy to see and feel the result of his work while testing the car on the road. The third might admire the story. Another one, perhaps, wants to invest successfully and benefit from the purchase in the future. Or chooses it as the way to express their opposition to mass consumerism and production. There can be many reasons for choosing a classic car and all of them contribute to the growing popularity of classic cars.

But don’t these cars require a lot of maintenance? And yes and no. It depends on what model, what specifications and condition of the car you are buying. In other words, you may have to invest a lot when you buy one model. Or you may have minimal investments when you buy another model. So, it largely depends on the purchase. It also depends on the needs of the owner himself. If it is enough for one to drive the car, the other may want to not only maintain the current condition of the car but also to improve it. It certainly costs money.

How popular are classic cars in 2020? You probably have already guessed the answer. Yes, classic cars are really popular and their popularity is growing every year. And 2020 is not an exception. Both demand and supply are very diverse. If we looked more closely to the classic cars for sale trends, we would easily notice that the growing popularity of the BMW 3 Series (E30), the 1987 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, the 1992 Honda NSX and even the 1967 Volkswagen Beetle are currently noticeable. However, well-known car models, which have been running for five, six or even more decades, are not losing their popularity either. So, if you want to be a classic car owner as well, the best time to do so is now.