Simple, Cheap Ways Any Guy Can Be An Amazing Host

stock fridge good host tips

#4. Stock Up On Essentials
You don’t need to run up a grocery bill like you’re feeding an army, but you should grab a few things — coffee, beer, wine, eggs, cheese (gouda or goat), crackers (a multi-pack), etc. And if you’re planning to cook one big meal, get the bulk of that taken care of as well.  If there’s time, ask if there’s anything specific they’d like. Odds are they won’t say 15 pounds of filet mignon, but might have a request or something that’ll help them avoid a food allergy.

#5. Offer A Few To-Dos
You don’t need to create a PowerPoint, but an email or list of things in the area — restaurants, hikes, bars, spas, etc. — is a nice gesture that’ll take you a few minutes to cobble together. Tossing a few on there that’ll work on rainy days isn’t a bad idea, either.

#6. Leave A Set Of Keys
Especially if your guests are staying a while and you’re going to be doing your own thing — maybe they have family in the area or are going to do a day trip — leaving a spare set of keys gives them the freedom to enjoy their time off. Alternatively, you’re no longer on the hook to rearrange your schedule to match theirs.

#7. Don’t Sleep In Too Late
If they need to sleep in to shake off jetlag, so be it. Otherwise, your guests shouldn’t sleep the day away, either. If the plan is to spend the day with them, be up early enough to have breakfast and make the most of the day. Put in the effort.


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