How To Choose The Right Glass For Your Beer

choose right glass for pilsner beerPilsner glass:
This tall, slender, tapered glass promotes head retention (heh heh) and highlights the beer’s color, clarity, and carbonation. Use it with Blonde ales, Belgians, Saisons, German Lagers, low-alcohol beers, and, oddly, Pilsners.

Beers: Pacifico, Heineken, Foster’s Lager, Labatt Blue, Tecate

Pictured: Giant Pub Glass 22.5 oz ($17 for set of 6)

how to choose right glass for beer flute glassFlute glass: If you like German Pilsners, Weizenbock, Vienna Lagers, American Wild Ale, or beers with a fruity flavor, this is your glass. The narrow shape preserves carbonation, highlights color, and brings out the aroma.

Beers: Sierra Nevada Summerfest Lager, Samuel Adams Noble Pil, Carlsberg, Dos Equis Amber Lager, Beck’s

Pictured: 8.5 oz. Stemlesss Flute Glasses ($30 for set of 12)