How to Control Anxiety
Without Drugs

How to Control Anxiety Naturally

Drug-Free Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Before a big job interview, a date, a diamond heist, it’s tempting to pop a Xanax to control your anxiety. And there are times for that (half of a Xanax before the heist seems appropriate). But you also should know how to stave off what seem like inevitable panic attacks without having to lean on pills.

These seven all-natural tips can help you learn how to control anxiety. No, they’re not magical elixirs or mantras you chant to melt the angst away. But if they take the edge off or enable you to slow down and put things into perspective, you might come to realize that whatever has you all freaked out probably isn’t worth the trouble. (Again, save the heist. We’ve seen Oz and prison looks terrifying.)


Any caffeinated drink will amp up your adrenaline. When you’re already jittery, one cup shove you right over the edge. Tea is known for its calming properties, but juice also does the trick. In fact, the mere scent of orange has been shown to reduce anxiety. And vitamin C has been shown in numerous studies to decrease the stress hormone cortisol found in your blood.