How To Give A Girl A Massage — 10 Awesome Tips

How To Massage A Woman

Best Tips For Giving a Woman a Massage

Whether you’ve been together forever or you’ve just started dating, offering to massage a woman is a great way to score points. But to keep her from experiencing pain instead of pleasure while you have your hands on her, you need to know how to give her a massage. That way, when she strips down and gives you the green light to start rubbing you don’t accidentally apply the Vulcan nerve pinch.

For pointers on what to do — and what not to do — when massaging a woman, we spoke with Serena Vann, a Miami Beach massage parlor owner and masseuse with 10 years of experience.

Set the Mood

No need to burn incense and play the sounds of rain and thunder, but make the environment more conducive to relaxation by using a lamp instead of an overhead light and making a playlist that’s easy on the ears. Your tunes don’t have to be new age or instrumental, but if the song will rattle the walls or contains power chords, skip it.

Lube Up

Using oil or lotion will help your hands glide across her skin easier. You don’t have to pick up anything fancy from a website with a .xxx domain name, either. A bottle of Lubriderm from a local drug store will work fine.

best way to massage a woman

Straddle Her

Ask her to lie face down on your bed, and then straddle her lower body. (You can also kneel next to her, but why do that when you can straddle her?) “Start with the hands up in her shoulders and push all the way down her back in a fluid stroke,” Vann says. “Then come back up with your hands on either side of her with your thumbs in the middle of her spine. That should cover the whole back.”

Go Slow

Speeding through a massage 1) prevents her from relaxing, and 2) makes you seem like you’re uncomfortable. If you take your time you’ll appear more confident — even when that’s not the case. “When you rush, it feels kind of grabby and annoying,” she reveals. Also, if at any point your hands feel awkward or stiff while you’re doing a movement, that’s how she’s feeling. Change it up.

How To Massage A Woman

Be Consistent

Your touch shouldn’t tickle her. It also shouldn’t feel like a torture rack. “You want a consistent pressure and a consistent flow,” Vann explains. “Don’t switch from really light to really deep.”

Focus on One Area At A Time

“Professional masseuses rarely work both sides at the same time,” she says. You shouldn’t either. Just remember to make your way over to the side you didn’t start with.

Push Out, Not Down

“Start on one side of the top of the spine and push the muscle out toward the shoulder, like in the traps area,” Vann suggests. “If you push out, it feels better; most people push down, and it hurts.” Push with your thumbs or the base of your palms.

How To Massage A Woman

Touch Her Butt

Approach this with caution: If you’ve just started dating and you’re both not super comfortable around one another yet, considering skipping this step. For everyone else: “Use both hands on her glutes and push in with the fingers or palms,” Vann recommends.

Play With Her Head

Make your hand into a claw and run it slowly from the nape of her neck up into her hair, stopping at the crown. Repeat. Then, according to Vann, “hold those points at the base of her head, where the head and neck connect. Press and hold it and count to five, and then move to another point.”

Practice on Yourself

When nobody’s around, of course. Explore and find grooves and dips in your shoulders and upper back. Those points are probably pressure points, Vann says, and you can find them more easily on a woman after you’ve found them on yourself. Plus, giving yourself a massage is a good way to test what a particular move is going to feel like on another person.

The Best Oils and Lotions to Use For Woman Massage

Oil vs Lotion

When deciding between oil or lotion, there are several factors to consider. Oils can be more effective since they slide easily across the skin and absorb quickly. They are also better for long massages because they don’t need to be reapplied as often as lotion does.

However, oils can be messier than lotions, so if you want something less messy then a lotion would be a better option. Lotion is also better for shorter massages since it does not need to be reapplied as often as oil does.

The Right Oil or Lotion for You

When choosing an oil or lotion for your massage session, it is important to pick one with ingredients that will benefit your skin type. If you have dry skin, look for a product with hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil or shea butter; if you have oily skin, opt for something light such as grape seed oil or almond oil; and if you have sensitive skin, choose a product without any added fragrances or dyes that could irritate your skin further.

Additionally, look for products labeled “non-comedogenic” which means they won’t clog your pores while still providing adequate lubrication during the massage session.