How to Curate an Industrial-Chic Interior Design

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For bachelors and family men, taking an active role in the design and layout of your home is one of the joys of curating your living space. When you’re able to develop the DIY skills and the aesthetic sensibilities to begin changing your home to fit with your aspirations, great things can happen. In this article, we’ll be looking specifically at the industrial-chic interior design trend, with all its glistening metal and exposed walls, to show you how you can gradually make changes to your home to ascribe to this aesthetic. 

Walls and Floors

While you might think that furniture is one of the key aspects of interior design, with the industrial-chic look you’re going to want to start back at the walls and the floors of your home. These surfaces will help you to achieve the style that you’re looking for, and usually, this is all about giving your home a once-over to see what’s possible within the confines of your current design. 

For instance, one of the significant components of the industrial-chic home is to have a brushed concrete floor and exposed brick walls. You’re harking back to factories of a bygone era when you do this. But some homes cannot support either of these elements, in which case minimalist greys and whites are best-used to create the background for your industrial-chic interior.


When it comes to the other items in your home – and this ranges from light fittings to window frames, all the way to kitchen utensils and home technology – you’re looking to emulate the factory once more. This means using chrome and exposed metal – very little that’s finished with colors and frills.

There’s so much that you can experiment with in this regard. Use a Copper end feed, and other copper piping, to create exotic-shaped lamps in your living room. You can use slate and other basic materials to make a sideboard or a coffee table. Check out the designs of others to find inspiration for your own industrial-chic interior.


You don’t have to build every item of furniture that will fit into your industrial-chic interior, though. Thankfully, this interior design style has grown in relevance and popularity in recent years – to the extent that you’ll be able to find entire shops online selling products that’ll fit into your home.

Furthermore, you can also shop on the largest retailers in the world – think Amazon and Walmart – for cheap items of furniture that you can adapt and change to fit in with your home aesthetic. You can create hybrid designs, which use the basic structure of these store-bought goods, and then attack on industrial chic components once you have them back in your home. Whenever you have time on your hands, these make great mini-projects for you to work on – helping you to achieve your desired style throughout your home.

Attempting to make your home into an industrial-chic paradise can take a long time, but with the three guiding tips above, you should be able to begin tackling this challenge the next time you have some free time.