How To Get Rid of Dandruff


If your skin is dry it flakes. What do you think happens when your scalp is dry? Exactly. Opt for using pure oils and butters, such as , vitamin E oil, tea tree oil and shea butter. They can be applied as hot oil treatments before washing or conditioning treatments afterward. Proper topical moisture of the scalp helps prevent skin from drying and forming scales.

Laser Treatment
If you’ve exhausted all options — or you’re super lazy — this is your last stop. Laser treatments can be used for many ailments of the skin, and they are often used to treat scalp issues including balding, dandruff and irritation. The laser procedure targets the scalp issue while leaving healthy hair follicles intact. Some guys choose lasers because they are easier and quicker. They “heal” the skin so that it returns to a normal texture that isn’t dry and damaged.