How to Increase Your Compensation When Filing a Personal Injury Claim


Given the pain and the hassle that car crash injuries can cause, it’s only fair to seek financial compensation from the party at fault. Usually, the amount is determined by the court, which often bases it on medical reports that you submitted.

Did you know that there are factors that help raise the compensation value you receive? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important ones. You may want to discuss these factors with your personal injury attorney; they may be interested in including them in their case.

Financial situation

There are some injuries that are so serious that they can cause you to be bedridden for a period of time. Of course, this setup negatively impacts your work. While some employers may leave your post vacant while you recover, there are some individuals whose employment is terminated due to their prolonged absence.

If possible, ask your attorney to argue your financial situation by presenting payslips to show how much you are missing out on because of your injuries.

Permanent disability or appearance issue

Car wreck attorneys in St. Petersburg and other cities and territories in Florida know just how mangled cars can be after high-impact collisions. Just by looking at the state of the vehicles, they can predict how much physical damage the individuals involved may have to endure.

If you are severely injured, you should realize that the hardships that you went through and will go through should not come without a cost. If the injuries were severe enough to cause disfigurement of the face and other parts of the body, their negative effects can last even after the wounds have healed. The compensation amount you receive should also cover the permanent adjustments that you have to make and eventually deal with for the rest of your life

In a lot of cases, disfigurement or loss of a body part lead to functional challenges. For example, a woman who lost a finger might find it hard to sew or do embroideries again.

Effects on relationships

The crash and the injuries it brought you sure do not affect only your current job. Other life aspects such as relationships also take a significant hit. You might have become estranged from your partner or even your whole family because of your illness. Aside from relationships, enjoyment and professional opportunities can also be put aside on the road to recovery. These things have costs attached to them, and your attorney should be clever enough to make a good case out of these.

Being injured in a car crash is never good news. The money that you get from a personal injury claim is not even a satisfactory payment; it will forever be a sorry consolation that does not even start to appease you. Yet, this is all that the law guarantees, so we might as well just try to maximize it.