How to Lose Weight on Exercise Bike

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Indoor exercise bikes give you an experience of bicycling like a traditional outdoor bike would do. They help you enjoy the benefits of moving pedals at your own comfortable pace without worrying about road safety issues or unpredictable weather. 

But what makes exercise bikes unique is that they can help you lose weight. If used correctly and consistently, these machines can reduce fat and burn calories, thus supporting your weight loss goals. 

So, keep reading to know more about these bikes before you buy one. We are sure they would make a valuable addition to your fitness arsenal. 

Losing Weight With Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes have many aerobic benefits. Moreover, they also help to tone your muscles, thus keeping your body in shape. But how?

Types of Exercise Bikes

There are three different types of indoor cycling bikes. Recumbent bikes are ideal for users with various back problems. They help you lose weight while allowing you to recline forward and move pedals at a comfortable pace. 

On the other hand, spin folding exercise bikes feature weighted flywheels that provide resistance and make you burn as many calories as you want. In addition, these bikes give you the experience that a mountain bike does. 

Lastly, upright exercise bikes are similar to regular bikes. However, these machines are not suitable for your back and hence are less popular than other types. 

Most folding exercise bikes are computerised that display your heart rate, speed, frequency and distance covered. These stats are vital to track your performance and set new goals. 

Some bikes also have preset programs designed to help you stay fit. If you are a beginner with no know-how of losing weight, these routines can guide you well. 


Exercise bikes are all about providing suitable resistance to aid your weight loss. Depending on your stamina, skill levels and goals, you can set a resistance level yourself to achieve success. 

However, to stay safe, it is advised to not go overboard with resistance in your first week. You may find it hard to give your best and even feel pain while working out with high resistance. This may discourage you from trying the bike ever again. 

So, to avoid that, make sure you start with low resistance and gradually shift to a higher one. 

Correct Form

If you want to use an exercise bike to lose weight, make sure your form on this machine is perfectly correct. In a gym class, you can always ask your gym instructor to set the bike and adjust the saddle as per your comfort. 

However, if you plan to use exercise bikes at home, you will have to do it yourself. 

  • Your saddle height should be equal to the level of the hips.
  • While pedalling, make sure your legs are comfortably extended.
  • The knees shouldn’t be bent while pedalling.
  • Avoid tilting or turning the hips downwards.
  • Use the handlebars for sitting with an upright back.
  • The handlebars should be within your reach. 

Your bike and form should perfectly complement each other. If they do, only then you will be able to enjoy a good workout pace and pedal against resistance to achieve your weight goals. 


Exercise bikes can be your best assistance during weight loss. These units can be used for various workouts that may help you burn calories faster. 

However, as a beginner, make sure your body is healthy and strong enough to bear a bike workout. Besides, you should start with easy exercises to get used to this powerful machine. 

Steady-state Ride

Do you want to experience a steady workout? If yes, ride for 10 to 60 minutes straight at a steady pace. Moreover, watch your favourite movie or listen to a podcast while riding to avoid getting bored.  

Riding a bike at a steady pace can help burn many calories and fats. Besides, this workout is perfect for enhancing cardiovascular endurance and overall stamina. 

Hill Climb 

As the name suggests, a hill climb workout is similar to climbing a hill. In this exercise, you should start with an easy warm session and gradually increase resistance after every five minutes. Make sure your resistance increments are not too challenging. 

A hill climb workout makes workload harder with time. Besides, with high resistance, you burn many fats and calories in a short time. 

Speed Intervals

This workout allows you to increase your steady pace after two minutes. However, after working on the new speed for some time, you should return to your original rate. 

Continue doing this for an hour or so. Once done, finish this workout with a short cooldown session. Different speed intervals help your body adapt to various resistance levels, which is excellent for your overall fitness. 

Final Words

Aren’t exercise bikes worth the investment? They are so easy to use and don’t even take much space in your home. 

However, to enjoy a successful weight loss using a bike, make sure you use it with lots of effort and consistency. Moreover, you can also try many workout programs to utilise this machine with discipline.