How To Maintain Your Scruff


Some guys hate to shave but also aren’t fond of rocking full-blown beards. Maybe they think the scruffy look is easier to maintain, or that it will somehow magically make women think they look like guys who wear it well — Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, or Colin Farrell. Whatever their reason, it turns out making that look work requires more than running hair clippers haphazardly across your face in hopes that all the hair will be trimmed evenly.

Our buddies at did us all a huge favor by asking a couple dudes who own an Los Angeles barbershop in West Hollywood to demonstrate the proper way to maintain your scruff. They hook you up with the right tools to use, the correct way to blend your sideburns, and the right techniques to pull off the well-groomed-yet-still-stubbly look you’ve been striving for.

Give their How To Maintain Your Scruff video a watch.