How to Make a Success of Your Move into the Country

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Every day, someone in the US has enough with city life, quits their job, gathers up their things, and heads into the countryside. It’s a completely different way of life to urban existence – and, while it’s not for everyone, there’s a growing number of advocates for the simple life, in rustic surroundings, over the fast-paced, high-octane lifestyles enjoyed in the city. In this article, you’ll learn how to really make your move into the country stick, with tips to help you settle in overtime. 

Lifestyle Change

Of course, the biggest difference you’re going to notice on your move away from the city is going to be in your way of life. Everything is different in the country, and there’s little chance that you will simply and smoothly transition to city life. The silence of the nights may spook you initially, and the length of the days without your phone pining every few minutes with offers from friends to head on a night out, for lunch, or to come over for a movie.

Still, you do settle into this new lifestyle quite quickly. What you’ll need to do, in the first weeks of your move, is to acknowledge that some of the things that really kept you on your toes in the city – like social meets and long hours at work – are gone for good. It’s time to find other sources of meaning in your life in the country.

Farming and Country Pursuits

One of the best ways in which you can keep yourself busy, as well as learning a raft of new skills, making friends, and getting involved in local projects, is to farm. That’s the major industry in remote areas across the country, and that’s largely what your neighbors will have been doing for generations. So, it may be time for you to begin planting yourself, or finding out how to do so. 

Learning how to be a farmer might sound a little odd, but it’s possible if you have a connection to the internet. There, you can find an online selection of horse training videos to get your steed up to scratch in the fields. You can find tips on furrowing and planting, and on driving tractors and operating heavy machinery. Learning these skills will make you an effective farmer, should you choose to become one.

Constructing Your New Life

So, you’ve left behind your fast-paced life and you’re looking for things to fill your time. Of course, working in rustic roles is certainly one way to spend your time – but it’s not the only way. You can live in the country and take a variety of jobs – some freelance, working remotely, and some in a local business or stores. You can develop personal skills you’ve always wanted to develop – like photography, painting, or sculpture.

Or, you can simply enjoy the peace, and let yourself leave behind the constant pressure to be productive and ‘always-on’ that the city breeds. You made this move for a reason – inspect that choice is order to make this decision successful.

Moving to the country from the city is a big and exciting step – made easier, hopefully, by the insights listed above.