Filippo Loreti Latest Venice Automatic Galileo Watch Collection – Stunning in its Beauty, Magnificent in its Craftsmanship


Filippo Loreti are the first and most famous disruptors of the watch industry, and they have just relaunched one of their classic collections – the Venice Automatic. Known as the Venice Automatic Galileo Limited Edition, this brand new range includes some subtle and interesting new details, plus six colorways that have been voted for by fans of the company, of which there are many.

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Offering Italian-inspired premium timepieces at attainable prices, the company, founded by Lithuanian brothers Matas and Danielius Jakutis, has surprised everyone with the high quality of their watches. Their direct-to-consumer business model allows them to keep costs down, proving a real gamechanger and prompting a rapid rise in the industry. This has led to a few problems around delivery times – waiting lists were very long as the company struggled to keep up with demand. However, after checking out the latest reviews, things seem to be sorted out now and customers are getting their watches in good time.


The Venice Automatic is often said to be Filippo Loreti’s original masterpiece and a men’s automatic watch that can be compared with pieces in the $1000+ price bracket. But how does the updated collection improve on the previous design? Is it simply a cosmetic reboot, or is there more to it? Let’s check out the details.



Case Diameter – 40MM

Thickness – 9 MM

Case Material – Stainless Steel (316L Grade)

Glass – Sapphire Glass

Water Resistance – 5ATM (50 Meters)

Strap Options – Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet

Dial Detail

The most obvious updates to the dial are the brand new alpha hands, a new day-and-night indicator, and a sublime, polished minute track. On the white dial, you can now find the blue-steeled hand at 12 o’clock, which is a subtle, yet thoughtful detail. The power reserve has been upgraded to 6 parts, one for each of 10-hour intervals, and the day-and-night indicator has been given a cool, artful medieval sun, which is printed on the wheel. Compared to the original collection, the dial has a more masculine character, featuring just a few subtle changes that capture the attention.



How does the Galileo Limited Edition compare to the original Venice Automatic in terms of its case? Well, the Galileo has taken an already elegant curvature in the lugs and the bezel and increased it, which gives a more modern feel to the timepiece while keeping its elegant sophistication. There is still that iconic dome-shaped design, one that creates a thinner, more refined presence on the wrist – it feels than the 40mm diameter would suggest. The new lugs, more curvaceous and beveled, allow for an exceptionally comfortable feel on the wrist, with the weight of the watch giving a reassuring reminder of its quality and presence. One small downside to the original Venice was the reflective nature of its glass. This has been addressed with an improved anti-reflective coating on the sapphire glass, the dial is now clearly visible in even the brightest sunlight. Finally, the caseback has an upgraded 3D dual finished artwork, still featuring an intricate engraving of the Basilica di San Marco in Venice.


This is the original inspiration for the collection and makes for a stunning and luxurious detail, one that you will want to show to your friends. These thoughtful and aesthetically-pleasing additions are worthy upgrades on an already wonderful collection.



The Japanese Miyota 9100 Automatic Caliber from the original series forms the movement in the updated collection, continuing with a premium combination of precision performance and good looks. The addition of a day-night indicator complication – which has been designed and engineered in-house and does not come originally with the movement – has been uniquely upgraded with an artistic design, reminiscent of medieval illustration.

Final Thoughts

The original Venice Automatic was an award-winner and is a hard act to follow – its high quality and luxury feel make for a classic piece that is also amazing value for money. We were looking forward to checking out the new, relaunched version of Venice, and it has certainly met our high expectations. Retaining the classy elegance of the original collection, Filippo Loreti has somehow managed to make the Venice Automatic even better with the addition of subtle, yet eye-catching details. The piece still has an excellent build quality and premium features, but the upgrades are definitely worth a new look at a classic collection, which now comes in an array of new colors to choose from. You’d better get in early on this one – the Venice Automatic Galileo Limited Edition seems set to be even more popular than the original.