How to Make Extra Income as a College Student in Singapore

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Attending college is one of the most exciting experiences in many people’s lives. While the main point of university is to get a degree, it is also a chance to meet new people and explore your identity. This may involve participating in school activities or hanging out with friends, which may require some money to throw around. 

Finding a source of income might be a massive boost for you if your guardians are not fortunate enough to give you big allowances. Luckily, there are easy ways to make some moolah to help sustain your non-academic expenditure.

Side Hustles for College Students in Singapore

Side hustles can come in handy for students. They help kill idle time, pay for expenses or tuition, or even help one gain experience. Here are 10 easy ways to make extra money in college. 

Translate and Transcribe

You can apply to become a translator if you are proficient in multiple languages. Companies like GoTranscript hire translators to meet the increasing demand for global outreach. Alternatively, you can become a transcriber, which involves speech-to-text conversion.

Look After Kids or Pets

Parents of young kids often hire babysitters when they need to work, go out, or attend to other tasks. If you love being around kids, this is something that you should try. Also, busy dog owners will pay you to walk their pets or take them for grooming sessions.

Participate in Online Surveys

Some companies offer people money to complete surveys in Singapore. You can get hired to participate in a study as long as you have internet access, a smartphone, or a PC. There are long and short surveys that you can quickly complete during lunch. This activity beats scrolling aimlessly through social media feeds. 

Be a Freelance Writer

If you enjoy putting words together to deliver a message or are a literature student, you can earn an income from freelance writing platforms. There are also sites such as Upwork and Fiverr where you can bid for jobs, such as content and e-book writing.

Manage a Social Media Page

Organizations and influencers hire creative people to manage their Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest pages. The social media manager is responsible for creating innovative and engaging posts and replying to comments and messages on behalf of the brand to boost sales or increase page engagement. If social media fascinates you, you can reach out to brands to apply for such roles. 

Start a YouTube Channel or Blog

YouTube is a must-try, especially if you’re into videography. You can take advantage of the idle hours on campus and weekends to film videos of your experience as a student. While YouTube isn’t a quick way to make money, you can make a decent income with patience and quality content. 

Alternatively, you can start a blog and monetize it. Blogging can make money if you write posts around interesting topics. You can also participate in affiliate marketing programs and promote products or services. 

Offer Tutoring Services

You can make extra cash tutoring your fellow coursemates. You may inquire about the availability of tutoring positions at your college’s learning center. You can also offer tutoring services to primary or secondary school students. 

Become a Teaching Assistant

Some professors would consider hiring you as their teaching assistant if you’re a good-performing student with leadership skills. You will handle research tasks, grade papers, help other students, or even teach lower-level classes.

Offer Makeup and Nail Services

You can learn how to do makeup from the many resources available online. If you perfect your makeup application skills, you can start charging people for it. Many people today are hiring makeup artists during their special events. Why not be one? Offering pedicures and manicures is another valid alternative, as you can provide mobile services without investing in a physical outlet. 

Drive for a Ride-Hailing Service

Do you have a car with proper insurance and a valid driver’s license and want to put them to use? You can enlist with a ride-hailing service and earn. You can’t beat the flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Your campus life doesn’t have to be your “broke” phase. You can make extra income to help you buy whatever you want or travel freely without having to ask your parents for money. Who knows, your college gig could turn out to be something you’re passionate about. It may even end up influencing your life-long career.