Must haves for every athlete

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If you are a sports lover or athlete, then you probably already have plenty of fancy gear to help to optimize your performance. But technology is constantly changing, and it is important to keep up to date with all the best equipment if you want to beat your personal best. Here are a few pieces that you may not have considered before.

Sports glasses

Protective sport glasses often feature polycarbonate lenses, these are shatterproof and scratch resistant. This shatterproof quality is essential for athletes, especially if you play a racket sport in which a direct impact on the eyes is very possible. The frames can be made from a few different materials such as plastic or carbon fiber. The more shatter-resistant, the better, to provide maximum protection for your eyes and keep you from getting distracted by trying to protect your eyes in other ways. The arms of the glasses that rest on your ears are often made from or covered with a rubbery material to prevent them from moving too much or sliding down your face during exercise.

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Cooling Towels

You may have a gym towel or a sweat towel that you use when playing sports, but you can step it up with a cooling towel. These special cooling towels, when wet, keep surface temperatures up to 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler and can even help to reduce the effects of decreased performance due to becoming overheated. Just throw that cooling towel around your neck and you will feel an instant relief.

Compression Shorts

You probably see compression shorts everywhere and there is a reason for that. Athletes everywhere swear by them for use during training and competitions because they support the muscles, lessen vibrations, increase the blood flow which helps aid in recovery and reduce muscle soreness. They also help keep your muscles warm to optimize the way you train, prevent chafing, and keep your body dry of moisture.

Skull caps

You should definitely consider using a skull cap if you are training in the heat of summer in order to wick sweat away and keep you cool. Moisture management technology in skull caps is all about keeping you cool and dry and they provide added protection under a football helmet. They also help protect from the sun!

Knee and Wrist braces

Every athlete can benefit from a knee, elbow, or wrist brace from time to time. It is especially helpful for those recovering from an injury or maybe wanting to prevent re-injury – the extra protection of a brace can keep you playing another season. So if you have a recurring injury or an old injury that may play up then you should definitely invest in a brace to keep you playing and prevent any costly damage.

Ice compression sleeves

Sometimes there is no avoiding those strains, sprains, and overuse injuries. We can however take the proper steps to recover quickly and get back out on the field. Ice compression sleeves stay cold so you can reap the full benefits of compression gear for the purpose of recovery and reducing any swelling you might have.