How to Make Money While Traveling

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Have you ever dreamed about traveling the world, visiting new and exciting places, and making money while doing it? The good news is, with a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection, this dream is a real possibility. 

The most effective way to make money while traveling is to become an entrepreneur. By starting an online, portable business, you can take your job on the road with you wherever you go. There are also a variety of other ways to make money while traveling. Read on for our top tips!

Create a Blog or Vlog

One of the best ways to make money while traveling is to start your own blog or vlog (video blog). It’s slow to start, but once you get some quality content and traffic, it starts to snowball. 

You can start blogging about anything that you have an interest in like travel, games, food, books, plants, or simply about yourself. While traveling around the world you can share your travel experience, tips, expertise, and travel recommendations with others.

Chances are, whatever interests you probably also interests some of the billions of people on earth, and you can write and create content that they would want to read. Once you’ve built up some content and have a following, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsorships. 

It can take a while for a blog to become profitable, but once it’s done, you can take it on the road wherever you go. 

Sell Photos & Videos

If you’re a photography buff or videographer there are plenty of ways to keep your pockets full while traveling. 

Good photographers are always in demand, especially in exotic locations. Turn to social media and offer your services for photo shoots for other tourists or ex-pats at locations you want to visit. 

Another great way to earn some extra cash is to shoot various stock videos and take photos. Stock footage is a huge industry and there are dozens of sites that will buy your photos of locations or people in different settings around the world. 

Find Remote Work

If running your own online business sounds isn’t up your alley, you could start your digital nomad career by working remotely. Maybe you have a job in your home country that allows remote work or perhaps you have skills that might translate into freelancing opportunities. 

Freelancing is a great way to work on projects doing things like content writing, graphic design, computer programming or web development, and online tutoring. There are a host of online platforms to help you get started such as Guru, Upwork, Fiverr, Flexjobs, and even LinkedIn

Work Locally

If you prefer getting away from your laptop and really diving into the local culture, you may consider finding a local job to make some bucks. 

If you’re a native English speaker with the proper credentials, you may consider teaching English at a local school. If you know the area very well, you could get a job as a local tour guide. 

There are also plenty of hostels and bars that are willing to exchange room and board for someone to serve customers and entertain guests. It’s not going to make you rich, but it’ll extend your travel budget considerably. 

While this particular option may be a bit more complicated with local regulations and required documentation, it can prove to be a great opportunity for integrating yourself into the region. 

Sell Digital Products 

Another great way to make money while traveling is by selling digital products. Digital products are a fantastic business model since it doesn’t require any inventory and can be done from anywhere. Once your product is created, making more is a simple matter of copying the original. 

Are you an expert in a subject or particular skill? Maybe try your hand at selling an online course. Do you fancy yourself a history buff? If so, you could create a guide detailing the interesting areas along with the historical significance with an audio tour guide. 

If you’re more tech-inclined, you could create WordPress plugins, templates, or even music. 

All of these options require a fair amount of research and work to establish yourself, create a good reputation, and market your product or services to others. However, once you’ve decided to travel, the hard work and dedication come naturally and you can take your business on the road with you.