6 Ways To Make Outdoor Workouts Less Terrible


Our caveman ancestors didn’t have to bust their coconuts in the gym to stay fit. Life itself was a workout (and they also didn’t have access to Funyons and Skittles, as far as we know). Plus, our lives have devolved to becoming far more sedentary. Research suggests the average person spends 60 percent of their waking lives seated, averaging six hours per day.

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So use spring and summer to get off of your ass if you’re a lazy sloth, or out of the gym if you’re a gym rat, and get some (hopefully non-polluted) air in those lungs! That said, the heat means more sweat and risk of dehydration, and the sun presents challenges for your skin.While these products won’t make your outdoor workouts any easier, they’ll help make them more enjoyable.

make workouts less awful puma shoes#1. PUMA FAAS 600 ($54 @ Amazon.com)
Puma’s Faas comes with a synthetic rubber sole and a decoupled heel crash pad for smoother stride transitions. They’re also lightweight at two pounds and include forefoot flex grooves. In other words, they’ll keep your feetsies comfy while your run, jog, or prance.



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workouts less awful speed stick gear deodorant#2. SPEED STICK GEAR ($3 @ Amazon.com)
You don’t need some egghead study to tell you that women don’t like guys with “tsunami pits.” So rub on Speed Stick GEAR  and dry those sweat factories up. You’ll receive 48-hour pit protection via their DryCore technology. We have no idea what DryCore is, but it sounds badass.