How to Pick a Vacuum Cleaner That the Elderly Don’t Have to Bend Down to Use? (New Year Gift)

The vacuum cleaner makes house cleaning more efficient and more convenient. But you still need to bend down or squat to clean under furniture. This is especially painful for older people.

How to pick a vacuum cleaner that’s easier for them to use? We scoured the market and found the Redkey F10 foldable vacuum cleaner. It can be folded to any degree to clean the hard-to-reach spots in the house. And it’s the best fit for older people.

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Here are the reasons why we love Redkey F10.

The importance for the elderly to avoid bending the back and knees

The muscles and bones of the human body ‘degenerate’ as the endocrine and immune system ages, which causes muscle mass loss, decreased cartilage elasticity, and osteoporosis. By 60 years old, people lose 30% of muscle mass that protects the joints and keep them stable. Wears between the joint surfaces, because of decreased cartilage elasticity, and osteoporosis will both cause pain. When older people frequently bend down or squat, the pain in the muscles, back and knees will escalate. Avoiding this will be a huge burden off their bodies.

That’s why we recommend Redkey F10. Press one button and the extension tube will turn to a pivoting arm that effortlessly slides under the furniture. When you finish, you can simply lift the vacuum cleaner to turn the arm back to a regular extension tube.

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Refracting lights & smart dust sensing

Redkey F10 is also equipped with a smart dust sensing system in case older people cannot see fine dust clearly. The vacuum cleaner can automatically boost the suction when it detects heavier dust.

The roller brush has built-in LED dust refracting lights that automatically turn on in dark spaces.

The LED lights and dust sensing system are another pair of eyes that help see the dust, control the suction level, and capture waste in hard-to-reach corners.

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Easy to use and maneuver

Redkey F10 has large and nimble wheels. The elderly can finish cleaning simply by steering it.

The dust cup can be emptied at the press of a button.  The dust won’t spill, rise or get on the hands.


3-stage filtration

  The elderly are more vulnerable to respiratory diseases. And dust is a major trigger.

The 3-stage filtration system of Redkey F10 can prevent secondary pollution and protect the user’s health.

   Other than the features above, Redkey F10 has a max 23,000pa vacuum that can suck in screw and glass debris, 60-minute battery life, detachable battery, and easy roller brush detachment design. The user-friendly design makes Redkey F10 easier to use. We recommend Redkey F10, it cares for the elderly and protects their health.