How to Pull off Virtual Sex While on Quarantine

Many of us are struggling to adjust to our new “normal” lives. Staying at home and isolating ourselves from others are among the pandemic’s laws and regulations, leading us to believe that entering into relationships and having sex is impossible.

Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, you can still get laid and experience orgasms. All it takes is a video call to sex, and a little help from sex toys like autoblow blast may make it even better. Don’t know how to begin? Here are some tips on how you can pull off virtual sex.

What is Virtual Sex?

Virtual sex refers to any sexual behavior that takes place through the internet. This includes sexting, video chat masturbation, phone sex, emailing images, chat rooms, and sliding into the D.M.s, among other things.

First, Ready Yourself

It is extremely important that before you embark on your virtual sex journey,  you should ready yourself, physically and emotionally, for its risk. Therefore, it would be best to discuss it with your partner, and both of you agreed to this idea.

According to Mary Anne Franks, J.D., D. Phil, an activist with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative organization, you must first ask yourself how much you trust your partner. We are grateful for the new technology we have now, which makes virtual sex possible and can also be used against you.

Remember that it can be recorded and shared with other people. So before you go that far, you may want to evaluate your trust in your partner first.

Choose a Trustworthy Digital Platforms

This is one of the most crucial virtual sex pointers to remember. The normal individual has no way of knowing whether a third party is intercepting or eavesdropping their digital activities. Hackers might access your private images, videos, and texts, as well as monitor what’s going on in front of your webcam.

Even someone with whom you agree to have virtual sex may betray your confidence by disclosing information you disclose with them to others. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have virtual sex if you want to, but you should take certain precautions to preserve your digital privacy.

First and foremost, though there is no ideal solution to safeguard the security of your data, do your best to pick a reputable platform. Before using a platform or app, it is recommended to do some research and look for choices that offer “end-to-end” or “person-to-person” encryption, which means that anybody intercepting the communication won’t be able to view it.

Even so, hackers can still gain access to your files using malware disguised as internet links and email attachments, so be careful to brush up on how to avoid this. Other easy security measures, such as changing your router’s default usernames and passwords and installing the most recent and updated versions of programs, browsers, operating systems, and other software, also help.

Finally, if you’re not sure you can trust the individual with whom you’re exchanging content but still want to do so, watermarking personal photographs with the recipient’s name is also a smart move.

Invest on Sex Toys

Everyone will find something to their liking. There are plenty of masturbators, vibrators, dildos, ticklers, and other toys to be found. You might also utilize everyday home items such as ice cubes, a wooden spoon, candle wax, fruit, and so forth. Just be cautious about what you put into your body and avoid items that might cause inflammation or harm, such as certain meals.

Splurging on a couple’s sex item allows partners to manage each other’s enjoyment using an app or remote maybe something extraordinary to do under quarantine. In addition, these amusing gadgets may make your self-exploration more delightful, whether you show each other your experiences on video, share them over the phone, or keep them to yourself.

Choose the Right Seductive Words to Use

Tell your partner what you miss or desire, and what you want to do together when you can see each other again. Do you miss the smell of them? What do they look like during an orgasm?

Their kisses or the warmth of their touch? Using your own genuine voice to express your wants will seem more natural and comfortable than straining to find sexual words that aren’t yours.


Many of us find self-isolation to be quite stressful; yet, this should not prevent you from cultivating your relationship and sex life. Virtual sex is significantly more extensive than phone and video sex. Virtual sex is worth a go if you want to get naughty while single, spice up your long-distance relationship, or try something new with your partner.

Your quarantine life does not need to be boring and dramatic. So get up and apply these tips to pull off a virtual sex.