How to Tell if Your Best Friend Might Have Romantic Feelings for You

It can be tough to tell if your best friend might have romantic feelings for you. After all, you’ve already established a deep connection with each other—but is it a platonic or romantic one? Here are some tips to help you figure out the answer.

Pay Attention To Nonverbal Cues

Nonverbal cues are often the most telling sign when it comes to figuring out if your best friend has romantic feelings for you. For example, does he/she lean in closer when talking to you than with other friends? Do they ever touch your arm lightly while speaking? Do they look into your eyes when talking? These can all be signs that your friend has deeper feelings for you than just friendship.

Look For Changes In Behavior Around You

Is there a noticeable difference in how they act around you compared to others? If they start acting differently around you—like being more affectionate, making jokes, flirting—it could be a sign that their feelings have shifted from platonic to something more. Of course, this doesn’t mean they definitely do have romantic feelings for you, but it’s certainly worth further consideration.

Take Note Of Their Reactions To Other Love Interests

If your best friend seems uneasy or jealous whenever a love interest of yours comes up in conversation, then it could be an indication that they have feelings for you too. Alternately, if they seem excited about the prospect of you dating someone else or even offer advice on how to make things work better with them—this could also be a sign that there is something more than friendship between the two of you. It’s important to pay attention so that nothing goes unnoticed!


Figuring out if your best friend has deeper romantic feelings towards you can feel like an impossible task at times—but it doesn’t have to be! By paying attention to nonverbal cues, looking out for changes in behavior and noting how they react when other love interests come up in conversation, will help give an indication as to whether or not there is something more between the two of you beyond friendship. Ultimately though, only time will tell – so take things slow and enjoy the ride! Good luck!