How To Work Out — Without A Gym


Your legs are stronger than you think, so to get the most of a bodyweight squat you have to A) do the movement slowly using perfect form and B) isolate one leg sometimes. About the chair height … be smart. The less flexible you are, the higher the chair (or bench, sofa footstool, etc.) should be.

How to do them:
Stand a few inches away from the seat of the chair with one leg elevated an inch or so off of the ground .
Most of your weight should be between the middle of your foot and your heel.
Bend at the hips first, then at the knee, then at the ankle.
Keep your torso straight and maintain constant tension in the legs.
When your butt lightly touches the seat, slowly push your body up to the starting position.


Who’d have though an exercise with such a goofy name could be so agonizing? This modified burpee incorporates everything previously worked. You’ll want to quit, but somewhere along the line some teacher told you that quitters never win. Or is it cheaters never win? Point is, suck it up.

How to do them:
• In one fluent motion, squat down and put your hands on the floor in front of you.
• Kick back both feet into a push-up position.
• Quickly pull your knees back to your chest.
• Stand up and jump as high as possible, bringing your knees to your chest
• Land softly, repeat until you’re blue in the face

Now that you know what you’re doing, put it all together. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between each station. After one circuit, take no more than a 1-minute break. Do four circuits.

Foot-elevated push-ups 40 seconds
Transition 10 seconds
Table-inverted row 40 seconds
Transition 10 seconds
Side Plank (L) 40 seconds
Transition 10 seconds
Side Plank (R) 40 seconds
Transition 10 seconds
Single-leg squat 40 seconds
Transition 10 seconds
Modified Burpee 40 seconds