Why You Should Dress This Way As An Old Dude

Faded t-shirts, unwashed jeans, and ratty sneakers are just fine when you’re young. But if you dress like that when you’re an old dude, you’re going to look like a homeless Alzheimer’s patient and bum out your grandchildren. So you’ll need to step it up.

Like this old dude. He nails a look that’s contemporary, yet still hearkens back to olden days when even actual homeless Alzheimer’s patients wore suits. It says, “I’m a former trombonist in a ska band who hit the lottery and spent my life happily traveling the world,” and it doesn’t get much more solid than that. He knows how you should dress.

How You Should Dress: Old Dude Standing

Note that he’s resisting the siren call of the fanny pack and instead using a bag he wore while hiking through Patagonia in the late ’70s. We assume.

How You Should Dress: Old Dude Sitting On a Bench

Talk about next-level sh*t: He matched his tie to his book.

How You Should Dress: Old Guy Without Jacket

His version of casual Friday: Losing the jacket and wearing a “fun” tie.

How You Should Dress: Old Dude Showing Pics of Grandchildren

Being proud of your grandchildren never goes out of style. And neither does looking like a mythical creature who prowls Scottish links courses helping golfers find lost balls.

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