Increase Your Vertical Jump By Up To 4 Inches

increase your vertical jump EXERCISE #3: Kettlebell swings
These not only add power to the shoulders, hips, and core, but help create shoulder flexibility. Keep that in mind if you feel like a goon swinging a ball with a handle attached to it between your legs. Kettlebell swings are beneficial because the majority of force required to swing the bell comes from the legs, glutes, and stomach.

Do 3 sets of 12 reps. Rest one minute between sets.

Target Muscles: Shoulders, lower back, quads, hip-stabilizing muscles

How to perform a kettlebell swing:
A. Place a kettlebell between your feet as you take place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
B. Bend your knees, lean forward at the waist slightly, and keep your back arched as you grab the handle of the kettlebell. To avoid a potential back injury, keep your chin up so you’re always looking forward.
With your arms straight but not locked, swing the kettlebell with both hands up and out until it’s just above your head.
Don’t fight the downward motion of the weight; rather, control its arc as it swings back between your legs. Then, propelling its forward motion with hips and shoulders again, swing it back up in front of you.