Is The REZIST Workout Worthwhile?

Gino Caccavale is former corrections offer, bounty hunter, and fitness drill instructor for the Police Academy. And he combined all three of those terrifying occupations to create REZIST ($60 @, a new workout program that aims to combine cardiovascular exercise and “I will literally kick your ass if you don’t don’t this” resistance training.

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Think of it like a 30-minute DVD workout that refuses to comply what you’ve come to know from your mom’s Buns of Steel VHS tapes and Billy Blanks Tae Bo. There are no systems, or phases, or stages here; instead, REZIST focuses on giving you one jam-packed workout that can be performed several times a week, combining 20 dumbbell movements performed for 1 minute with 20 seconds of rest between each motion.

So all you need to own to do it is an exercise mat, dumbbells, and a home, apartment, or cardboard box large enough to exercise. I’m no Mr. Olympia, but I’m in decent enough shape. But there were dried tear stains running down my cheeks after putting myself through REZIST. (No, I won’t be posting photos, and no, I didn’t do the workout with my shirt off like the dude in the video.)

Here’s a quick rundown of what goes on:

• 3-minute warm-up

• 20 exercises in total

• 60 seconds per exercise

• 20 second rest between each exercise

• 3 minutes cool-down

That equals out to a little more than 30 minutes. A diet plan also accompanies the DVD, which includes a handy grocery list, meal outline, and meal plans for your desired goal. Here’s how it reads …

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6 meals = 6 proteins / 2 complex carbs / 3 fruits / 2 vegetables / 2 fats
Meal 1: protein / complex carb / fruit
Meal 2: protein / fruit / fat
Meal 3: protein / complex carb / vegetable
Meal 4: protein / fruit
Meal 5: protein / vegetable / fat
Meal 6: protein
Additions: coffee / skim or soy milk / olive oil / balsamic vinegar / wheat germ / spices / nuts / seeds

We’ve tried Insanity and P90X and have nothing but positive things to say about them. They’re difficult. And so is this. If you’re not going to the gym but still want to look semi-decent when you get naked, putting in a half hour of REZIST with clean eating can help.