Is There a Male G-Spot? (Hint: Yes)

Do Men Have G-Spots?

For those who wonder “do men have G-spots,” here’s the answer: Yep. However, it’s  more like an A- or B- spot because of where it’s located — inside the prostate (aka your ass).

I was asked by an ex-boyfriend — we broke up for something else, not because he asked me to play around back there — to see if the scene in Road Trip (above) was true or false. It’s false, of course. Movies exaggerate. But he did get off really hard and I warmed up to the idea of playing around back there more often.

The prostate is a gland that is about the size of a chestnut that is situated internally at the base of the penis, right behind the bladder. You have to insert your finger about two to three inches inside of the anus to find it. It’s responsible for directing the flow of either urine and semen.  When it is massaged, it can produce a serious hard-on. Best of all, accessing the prostate is easy. It can be stimulated externally by massaging the perineum, which is the area between the scrotum and the anus. This can be done by a partner or by masturbation.

Getting your woman to open up to touching you back there can be tricky — especially if she’s the type who doesn’t allow you to explore her in the same way. She should. Once you loosen up and forget that it’s considered taboo, it feels amazing. Guys feel the same way. After the aforementioned boyfriend and I split up, I’ve slowly worked my hands inside of all of the men I’ve dated. Notice I didn’t say “slept with.” That’s because for one-night stands, it’s not happening. I need to know the guy well first.

Also called “milking the prostate,” a prostate massage must be gentle — the gland is so sensitive. And since the anus is not self-lubricating, it is a good idea to have some lube on hand, and then on your hand. Additionally, as you’re well aware, the butt and it’s hole can host a lot of bacteria, so many people prefer using a latex glove. I admit it: I don’t. Never have used one, and I never will. (I also won’t allow a guy to touch me in back and then work his way to the front; going front to back is fine, but not the reverse. Too risky, too many infection possibilities.)

When this is coupled with oral sex, the results can be explosive. Couples can also experiment with sex toys that are made especially for prostate massage.

So, do men have g spots? Bend over and let your lady friend dig around to find out for yourself.