Key Etiquette Tips for a Modern Smoker

The manner of smoking is formed individually and largely demonstrates the character of a person. However, it is worth following some smoking rules, which will make a good impression on others. In this way, you will be able to avoid many unpleasant situations when you are in the company of non-smokers.


Smoking Etiquette: General Rules

It is worth following smoking etiquette always and everywhere, regardless of circumstances. Some rules gradually become a habit and are performed automatically at a corporate party or in a public place. Whatever cigarettes or heat sticks from the CigsWay assortment you smoke, you should remember the following rules:

1)    A smoker who is next to a woman or a non-smoker must ask permission. When in the company of non-smokers, it is better to avoid it as not to embarrass people next to you;

2)    While smoking, you cannot breathe directly into people’s faces. If the smoker has joined a group of non-smokers, he has to ask their permission as well;

3)    Smoking on the go is indecent. Combining smoking with active walking harms the cardiovascular system and causes complaints of others. Besides, it can violate existing bans on smoking in public places;

4)    Where to put the ashes? Only in an ashtray or urn. Ash should not be shaken out the window or from the balcony, as this can cause discomfort to the residents of the lower floors. Even on the street, it is worth stopping and smoking in specially designated areas;

5)    If you are in the company of smokers, you should offer a cigarette to others before you smoke it yourself. At the same time, you cannot independently touch it;


6)    If a woman is going to light a cigarette, then the man must offer her some fire, even if it is a stranger. However, lighting from the hands of a woman is not allowed;

7)    According to etiquette, you should not smoke at all during lunch as well as do it at the table. This will cause only inconveniences for other people. In particular, it interrupts the smells of dishes and pollutes the air.

In general, smoking is also a kind of ritual, full of rules and peculiarities. For example, in the old days, it was considered a bad taste to blow fume through the nose, or to shake off the ashes by tapping. It is also not acceptable to use a finger on a cigarette — you just need to break off the burnt tobacco on the edge of an ashtray.

In Conclusion

Every single smoker knows that tobacco is harmful to health. To smoke or not to smoke is always a personal issue. However, if one chooses in favor of smoking, then, of course, it should in no way cause inconvenience to others.