Pax by Ploom: Stealthily Vape Weed, Er, Tobacco

pax by bloom review

The Pax vaporizer by Ploom ($250 @ is a sleek way to vape your “loose-leaf tobacco.” And by “loose leaf tobacco,” we mean weed. Don’t get us wrong, it worked well as a tobacco vaporizer. Like, super well. But we were more interested in testing it out on marijuana because … well, because it was a workday at 1 p.m.

At first we weren’t smitten with the Pax’s performance, but the fault was our own. There are three temperature settings — yellow (370 degrees), orange (390 degrees), and red (410 degrees) — and we didn’t adjust it to the proper setting. Once we found the sweet spots (it depended on the type of herb), the functionality improved drastically. Overall, the performance placed the Pax above the Atmos Raw (an $80 waste of money), but below the traditional (and far less portable) Volcano.

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At 4 1/8 ” x 1.4” x 7/8”, it’s easy and stealth to transport in your pocket, backpack, or man purse. You charge it on a dock like you would your iPod, and in 30 seconds it’s ready to get you stoned, er, tobaccoed.

Our biggest issue with Pax is the way it turns on — by pressing the mouthpiece with your thumb or finger. Not sure about you, but our fingers touch filthy stuff throughout the day — money, cell phone, the inside of our nose. Our mouths are gross enough as is, so we began carrying hand sanitizer to put on our mitts before use. Other than that, the chamber is small so you can’t put in a lot at once. Not great for large crowds. But we’re guessing you’re not out to get the whole damn town high. Neither are we, and for crowds of two or three, it’s perfect.

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Color options include purple, blue, green, and black. And here’s what you get with your purchase:

• 1 Pax
• 1 screen
• 1 mouthpiece and lid
• 1 AC wal charger dock
• 1 cleaning kit
• 2 packets of mouthpiece lube
•  Instruction manual