Less Pit And Butt Sweat? Yes, Please!

Tommy John Cool Cotton Stretch gear

During the hot summer months guys have to worry about important things like which SPF to use (opt for 35 and up, by the way) and the best angle at which to display their guts when going shirtless at the beach. Another important issue: sweat control. For one, women don’t love cozying up to a giant sweat rag. Two, perspiration can be a distraction in meetings or while you’re trying to work.

We had the opportunity to test some gear from Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Stretch collection. Both the undershirt and boxer briefs were super soft and lightweight But we’ve been tricked before and ended up sweating our asses, nuts, and ass cracks off with the wrong fabric choice. Thankfully, that didn’t happen this time.

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Unless you wear billowy blouses — and nothing wrong with it if you do — the neckline on the Tommy John Cool Stretch undershirt ($15 @ Amazon.com) is most likely lower than you’re used to. The point is so it stays out of sight when you’re wearing a button-down shirt, and it absolutely does that. Still, when we’re sporting just the V-neck it can look and feel goofy to us old-school guys who are used to a more modest V in our V-necks.

The fabric hugged the body but didn’t produce sweat, so it was almost like a classier Dri-Fit workout shirt. Except it was engineered to have style and move with you while avoiding bunched up fabric near the gut.

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The Tommy John Cool Cotton Stretch boxer briefs ($20 @ Amazon.com) were sort of like bike shorts but covered more quads, and they were far more comfortable. Another bonus — unlike some bike shorts we’ve worn, the Tommy John undies didn’t cause any irritation or itching. The horizontal fly was a nice change, offering easy access to the hose when it was time to water the flowers. Most importantly, the decreased level of swamp ass and crotch rot were totally noticeable and welcomed.