16 Cool and Stylish Men’s Watches For Under $100

affordable watches for guys

When it comes to watches, the lower price brackets — or the affordables as people who don’t wipe their asses with $50 bills call them — aren’t limited to budget bins and lacking style. These five watches disprove that point — and they’re all under $100. You’ll see brands you’d expect to see, like Casio and Timex.  But you’ll also see a brand you’ve probably never heard of and a Swiss watch. You can also consider getting a watch made from bamboo if you care about sustainability.

Awesome Watches Under $100 weekender#1. Timex Weekender ($29 @ Amazon.com)

It’s versatile in style, so you’ll likely be able to find something that suits your own particular tastes, given the variety of case finishes, dial colors, and strap types that you can find. You can also further change the look of the watch easily (and cheaply) once you’ve got one, because a majority of them rely on one-piece nylon straps that thread over the spring bars, rather than two-piece straps that require a tool to change.

Plus, you’re getting a full-dial backlight courtesy of their electro-luminescent IndiGlo, which is fun to play around with.

breda watch#2. Breda ($70 @ Breda.com)

So simple, so special – this one is certainly one of the best watches for men on the market. Breda Rand Watch brings together aesthetics and functionality, creating elegant but masculine timepiece. Along design based on contrasting colors, Breda Rand Watch features Japanese quartz movement and leather band with buckle clasp.

pebble smartwatch#3. Pebble Smartwatch ($85 and up @ Amazon.com)

It was about time to get some of those smart gadgets, and Pebble Smartwatch is certainly a great choice (better than fitness tracker, anyway). Great minimalistic design, numerous themes and functions, notifications from email, SMS, calendar, Pebble timeline and many more. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

great watches under $100 void#4. Void Sond ($93 @ Amazon.com)

If you prefer your digital watches to have a bit more style and flash, then perhaps the Void Sond is up your alley. Yes, you give up a lot of functionality from the Casio (here you just have date, time, and a backlight), but you’re getting a case that no other digital watch can lay claim to.

Much like the Timex Weekender, it also relies on a one-piece nylon strap that Void encourages you to chop down to size. Or, if you prefer, pick up a couple, and then you can mix-and-match the strap and strap keepers to get your own personal color scheme.

Stuhrling#5. Stuhrling Original Men’s Aviator Watch  ($80 @ Amazon.com)

With its interchangeable green and black canvas bands, the Stuhrling Aviator carries a masculine, military look. But even if you’re no G.I. Joe, its easy-to-read black-face background just looks cool. It’s made of stainless steel and combines fashion with partiality. What’s more, the watch is also water resistant up to 165 feet, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off any time you wash your hands or shower … unless you plunge into a huge abyss to rinse yourself off.

military watch#6. Superdry Military Watch ($80 @ superdry.com)

Made from black ion-plated steel, with quartz movement, this sleek timepiece features large hour markers and a brushed dial.