Locked Out of Your Office? 4 Tips to Deal with the Situation


Being locked out of the office is not the best way to start a busy day. The situation seems unthinkable when biometrics and other devices are employed to secure commercial premises. Still, these sophisticated systems don’t prevent lockouts, which are a reasonably common occurrence involving houses, cars, or anything with locks. 

As it is, finding yourself locked out is an inconvenience, especially when your mind is set to work or do whatever you originally planned to do. What’s good is you have several options to get out of the situation and get to your office without delay. These solutions are practical, with a bit of elbow grease and help from some tools.

1. Breathe

It’s hard to think straight when you are in a state of panic. Put down whatever you are holding for a moment; if it’s piping-hot coffee, set it down carefully. Breathe slowly and deeply. 

According to Scientific American, slow, deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps the body relax. With your emotions in check, you can think straight and act accordingly.

2. Find a Spare Key or Someone with It

Your extra key may be in your wallet, pocket, or your bag. Go through these spots thoroughly. Once you’ve regained access to the property, be sure to place the key back where you found it, or move it to a more secure place and not the front doormat.

If you are not authorized to carry a copy of the office key, call your office manager or the property custodian of the building. You can also get help from your coworkers; maybe they have a spare key or know someone who has it. Saving their numbers on your phone beforehand is always a good idea.


3. Look for Other Access Points

Try the back door or window as someone may have left it unlocked or unfastened, respectively. Maybe the door will give in after a shove. Be careful, though, as you may injure yourself. Others with malicious intent may have also seen your deed and follow your lead.  

Interestingly, your successful entry through the back door can be a sign for the management to fortify office security. Changing locks or fasteners that have been compromised is part of it.

4. Keep a Lockpick Set

It’s a tool that lets you skip the part about calling a locksmith or waiting for someone to open the door. In the worst-case scenario, when no spare key is lying around or no one has it, the lockpick set will save you from prying the door open and damaging it.

There is a lockpick set for every hobbyist or someone who anticipates getting locked out anytime. Before you shop for lockpicking tools, check the type that suits the purpose best.

For documentation purposes, record the situation and how you resolved it with the tool and all. It may also be an excellent time to replace and upgrade locks, seeing how these easily give in to the specialized tool. 

With the abovementioned tips, you will know how to react to a situation of this urgency next time. So keep calm, and put your hand in your pocket or bag to fish for the key or the lockpick set, for that matter.