How to Make a Bong With Items You Already Have in Your House


Need a hit but don’t have a bong handy? Make sure you take a look at this guide to learn how to make a bong with items you already have in your house.

You have a lot of stress, time on your hands, and cash in your pocket—it’s time to buy some weed and chill out!

You buy some marijuana, joining the rising trend. Now you’re all set to get stoned. Oh, no—wait!

You forgot to replace your bong after the last one broke. Yeah, maybe you have a pipe or papers, but we all know it’s just not the same. Plus, bongs are potentially easier on your lungs, which is especially important right now.

Oh! What if you made your own bong? …But you don’t know how to make a bong and you’re not sure if you have the materials.

Never fear, weed lover! Here’s a handy guide on making a makeshift bong.

How to Make a Bong From Things at Home

You may have heard about wacky vegetable and fruit bongs or tin can bongs.

Produce bongs might be easy enough to find supplies for, and they’re great at parties, but that’s not practical for every day. They’re also a mess to make, and you might waste more food than you’d like. Tin can bongs can get really hot, so don’t try it unless you’re really desperate and have enough discipline to be careful.

Those aren’t good options for everyday purposes, so what do you have left? You’re not out of luck. Read on for some other popular options!

Water Bottle Bong

One tested and true standby is the water bottle bong.

They’re often known as water bottle bongs, but truthfully, you can use any kind of plastic bottle. Some popular variants use honey bottles and sports drink bottles, and some sneaky stoners even had the genius idea to make a tiny bong out of a Tic-Tac container. This article focuses on making bongs from regular, single-serving water and other beverage bottles.

Here’s how to make a DIY bong out of a humble bottle. Surely you have one somewhere!

Bong Supplies

Gather a plastic bottle, a small metal tube (from a hardware store or something like a metal pen tube), and some sort of bowl for the weed (if you don’t have an actual cannabis bowl, a good option is a metal socket from a hardware store). 

You’ll also want a paperclip or a small screwdriver and a lighter.

Bong Construction

Follow these steps to put together your basic DIY plastic bottle bong.

  1. Heat your paperclip or screwdriver with the lighter
  2. Make a hole big enough to snugly fit your metal tube about 2” above the bottom of the bottle
  3. Insert the stem at an angle and use something like gum, sticky tack, or tape to seal around the hole
  4. Blow into the top of the bottle to make sure it’s airtight, and seal it further if it isn’t
  5. Attach the bowl to the stem
  6. Fill the bottle with water so that 1” of the stem is covered
  7. Heat your tool again and make a small clearing hole an inch or so above the waterline
  8. Pack the bowl, cover the clearing hole, light it and take a hit

Gravity-Driven Bongs

Another popular homemade bong is the gravity bong. This kind of bong is even simpler to make than the typical plastic bottle bong, and using it is a different experience. You’ll get just as high hitting one, though!

Here’s how to make a gravity bong.

Bong Supplies

The only supplies you need for this bong are a plastic bottle with a screw-on lid and a 5/32” metal socket. For tools, you just need a small screwdriver or a paper clip and a lighter.

Bong Construction

To make a homemade gravity bong, all you have to do is:

  1. Use your tool to poke a hole in the middle of the bottle cap, which will serve as the bowl
  2. To ensure the hole isn’t any bigger than it needs to be to fit the socket, widen the hole by pushing your socket through
  3. Make a small hole big enough for water to flow out around the bottom of the bottle

Hitting It

Taking a hit from one of these isn’t like hitting most bongs, so here’s a quick guide on how to hit a gravity bong.

  1. Pack the bowl and set it aside nearby
  2. Cover the hole near the bottom of the bottle with your finger and fill the bottle almost to the top with water
  3. Screw the lid (with the packed bowl attached) onto the bottle, keeping your finger on the hole
  4. Light the bowl as you let your finger off of the hole, but keep the flame to the weed
  5. Once the water is drained and replaced with smoke, unscrew the lid and inhale from the bottle’s mouthpiece

Makeshift Bongs Not Working Out?

Those are a couple of common, easy options for making a bong at home. Sometimes, though, saving a few bucks just isn’t worth it.

Not all of us are super crafty, and plans can fall through. Other times, these cheap homemade bongs just fail. You might be the best crafter in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re making a bong out of a plastic bottle.

If your bong doesn’t work out or breaks on you, there’s no shame in looking into premade bongs. While you might pay a bit more than you would for a plastic bottle bong, there’s not much of anything that cheap, and it’s a myth that bongs are all expensive. In reality, there’s an option for every price level.

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