Ball Cancer Has Never Looked Worse

Mr. Ball

In the U.S., lots of dudes are getting ready to sport Movember mustaches to raise awareness for testicular cancer. But Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer has done something … unique to achieve the same goal. Their idea: Use a grotesque, snaggle-toothed, pube-covered creation named Mr. Ball to spread the good word.

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Since we caught a whiff wind of Mr. Ball  we’ve been A) suffering nightmares and B) unable to masturbate properly since seeing his unsightly photo. (It’s also kinda weird that a kid holding a balloon — also nut-shaped — is posing for a pic with a humongous ball sack.)

However, we have to hand it to the folks at BAPAC. If the objective was to get peoples’ attention and to have them talk about ball cancer without mentioning mustaches, they’ve scored. Additionally, it also reminds the world how unappealing ball bags are.