Tips For The Perfect Shave

Ah, progress. It’s cool having the latest and greatest of everything, but it’s daunting, too.

On some levels our grandparents had it easy. Sure they had to walk 10 miles to school (Uphill! Both ways!) and didn’t know an iPhone from an eye patch, but everything was simpler and less stressful.

Take shaving. You’re a man in 1940. You have two choices. Head to the barber with your two bits or to your bathroom with a can of Barbasol and a razor. End of story.

These days, entire drugstore aisles are devoted to shaving products. Blades that vibrate, eco-friendly creams, pressurized gels, salves, oils, and toners abound. And we’re not even talking about the boutique brands, fancy brushes, or electric razors. No wonder scruff has made a comeback.

The average guy shaves 20,000 times in his life. Getting a smooth, painless, reasonably priced shave does not require an engineering degree or a trust fund. Everything you need to do to avoid bumpy, nicked, irritated skin is spelled out in the following steps.

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