Michael Jordan’s 23 Most
Un-Jordan Moments

On February 17, Michael Jordan turns 50 years old. Inarguably one of the greatest athletes and competitors of all time, and arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, MJ scored 32,393 points, won six championships, earned five regular-season MVP awards, and led the league in scoring 10 times. He also revolutionized sports marketing and made it cool to shave your head. (Sorry, Telly Savalas.)

But enough about all that. We have no doubt Jordan gets tired of people blowing smoke up his ass all the time. (Actually, that’s not true at all.—Ed.) So as a birthday gift, we decided to reminisce about the times His Airness reminded us that he, like us, is a mere mortal … except better at pretty much everything.


1. The Hitler ‘stache.


2. The time he led his team to six NBA championships the worst record in NBA history as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

3. When he got schooled by his mom … and Eazy-E?

4. The supremely ugly Air Jordan XIIs.

Jordan Baseball

5. .202 average, .289 OBP, and 114 strikeouts in 497 Double-A plate appearances.