What Are The Best Clothes For Men?

Best Clothes For MenHere’s a free nicke’s worth of advice for choosing the best clothes for men …

1. Fit is everything
Fit goes a long way. The social expectations of men and women are getting increasingly similar. Women are not the only ones who should consider what their butt looks like in jeans. Men can accentuate their best bodily features with a well-fitting pair of pants. Gone are the days of sagging your pants down to your knees.

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2. Ethical Threads
Consider the ethics behind the creation of your clothing. Conventionally grown cotton demands the largest load of toxic pesticides of any crop worldwide. Organic cotton is better for you and for the Earth. A lot of clothing today is made in sweat shops that treat their employees poorly. Ethical options advertise the integrity of their sources. Plus, chicks dig guys who care about stuff. (So these might be the best clothes for men who enjoy getting laid?)

3. Cashmere Sweaters
Every woman loves cashmere for its lightness and exquisite softness. A decade ago, women were expected to appreciate one side of the spectrum, and men were expected to adhere to the other. Expectations have relaxed. Women are assuming masculine roles while men can embrace their feminine sides. A man in a cashmere sweater implies that he, too, appreciates the finer things in life.

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