11 Funny Commercials For Bad Products [Videos]

Funny Commercials For Bad Products

No matter how much you watch Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu Plus, and even if you’re one of those annoying people who loves to say, “I don’t even own a TV!” it’s still basically impossible to avoid TV commercials. Sometimes they’re funny and entertaining, but generally, they suck. But then there are those rare commercials that are funny precisely because they’re so bad. We love those commercials — even if the products they’re selling are also unfathomably bad.

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Dolls that sport wood, liquid hair, boob cushions — these crappy products may be wastes of money, but at least they managed to give us a chuckle with their funny commercials.

#1. SYNTH COKE | 1980s
While the production value, noble accents, and level of acting talent in this commercial can’t be argued, we must question the viability of Synth Coke as a business. For starters, if you don’t have $100 for actual cocaine, would you really shell out $10 for a vial of baking soda and baby laxative with which to trick ladies? No — you’d mix it up yourself like a normal person!