Cheap Last-Minute Vacation Websites and Ideas


If you know where you and your buddies want to go, head to the airline websites to find the best deals on your chosen destination. Their search features are specifically set up to find you the best deals available, and last-minute deals can be found for airline tickets that are purchased a week in advance.

Innovative and handy flight search engine, Momondo quickly gained popularity among tourists and backpackers. Moreover, travel bloggers like Nomadic Matt and Indietraveler list it as a favorite flight search site. Founded by Danish entrepreneur Thorvald Stigsen, Momondo collects and processes all flight prices in the world, creating reliable and user-friendly website and app.

Apart from flights, users can also find great deals on hotel and car rentals. In order to meet all users needs, Momondo experts created a bunch of extremely useful features, such as:

  • Trip Finder – if you’re not sure where to go, you can choose from a handful of opportunities, selected according to your budget, data, location and traveling preferences.
  • Price Calendar provides you with a clear insight in price variations during the year (and saves you a lot of time when choosing trip dates).
  • Airport Suggestions bring you valuable information about prices on nearby airports; sometimes, choosing alternative airport can spare a lot of money.

A multi-model transport search engine, providing data about flights, trains, buses, ferries and even driving instructions. Available on the site and as an app, it covers Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.

The impression can be spoiled by Hotels and Cars which redirects you to another booking sites. However, Rome2Rio is super handy website for getting from point A to point B or planning next vacation itinerary.

The Man In Seat 61
Utterly adventurous and romantic – that’s how we’d describe the whole concept of this fabulous site. Created by train expert and lover Mark Smith, this site covers all rail and ferry routes in Europe; perfect for quick trips across the continent. That’s not all, of course – The Man In Seat 61 provides information of best rail routes for most countries in the rest of the world, including Indian and Russian railways. The site is renown for precise information, great descriptions, and extremely user-friendly design.

Brand new and utterly simple app for finding same-day accommodation at local hosts. Using Facebook profiles, Overnight bases it’s search on mutual friends, interests, and booking history. It is available in Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, and New York.

Unlike many other travel apps, you’ll have to pay for Overnight service—15% of the transaction as a guest and 5% as a host. Currently, Overnight provides about 4,000 accommodations.

Perfectly visually organized, featuring completely new attitude towards online search and booking, Hipmunk is created to spare user’s money, time and nerves in a different way. It is renown for Agony service, selecting and ranking flights regarding the price, layovers, and duration. Besides commercial, the site also includes charter flights and trains, providing customers with affordable solutions. For hotel search, Hipmunk uses Ecstasy service, sorting out best accommodations according to price, amenities, and reviews.