How to Impress a Girlfriend

How to impress girlfriendThe more time one spends around women, the more appreciation one gains for the credo: Happy wife, happy life. Whether you’re looking to earn some brownie points, showing your appreciation, or – most likely – apologizing for something, it’s good to have a few tips holstered for how to impress a  girlfriend. Keep these in mind and you’ll be back in her good graces or earning some much needed credit in no time.

Unexpected Gifts:

This tip doesn’t work as well if you’re trying to apologize, but the unexpected gift is one sure-fire way to put some credit in the bank. Buy her some flowers, sweets, or just call to say something nice. It doesn’t matter what a girl says about liking surprises or not: There is a general expectation of random romantic gestures. If you’re not the spontaneous sort of guy, throw some darts at a calendar and plan accordingly—no one said unexpected has to mean unplanned.

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Remembering Important Dates:

Nothing will get you in trouble faster than forgetting an anniversary or birthday. Not only do you stay out of hot water, but remembering important dates guarantees you’ll be treated back for the day. It’s a no-brainer to keep out of trouble and get something in return.


If you and your girlfriend live together, nothing will get you into her good graces like a little cleaning. In fact, cleaning her place isn’t a bad idea even if you don’t live together. There have been countless studies done on what turns on women, and cleaning is always near, if not at, the top of the list. Get out the mop, men, because the floors are going to be soaked.

With these three tips, it’s never been easier to find ways on how to impress a girlfriend and stabilize your relationship.

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