Was It a Good First Date?

So the nigwas it a good first dateht is over and along with it all the anxiety and stress of the first date is gone. It’s time to assess the evening: Was it a good first date? How can you tell? Should you ask for another date or was the evening a total flop? Look for these telltale signs of a successful date, be honest, and judge for yourself:

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Ease of the Date: Did the evening feel natural? Was small talk easy and any nervousness minimized as the evening progressed? If you kept thinking: Wow, this is going really well, then chances are you were both interested in each other and were able to be yourselves. Nice work.

Give and Take: Okay, so you should know if you’re attracted to her or not, but are the feelings mutual? A good barometer is to think about how even the conversation felt. Did it seem like you were talking too much? Did her body language read disinterested? Or was the conversation flowing back and forth? If you answered the latter, you’re in the clear. The feeling was mutual.

The Ending: Regardless of if you went for the kiss or not, did the decision feel right? Did the kiss not feel forced or the lack thereof feel organic? Was there mutual interest in getting together again? The end of the night is more than the proverbial cherry on top: It’s her last impression of you. Getting it right can make up for a lot, while screwing it up can leave a sour taste in her mouth.

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So, how did you fare? Was it a good first date? Don’t give yourself any free points, but don’t be too hard on yourself either. Be honest: If you’re feeling pretty good right now, chances are she is too.