The Evolving Man Series

Chivas Regal Evolving Man

Men constantly need to evolve. And by “evolve,” we don’t mean men need to grow water-breathing gills or develop the ability to spit venom at enemies … though both of things would be completely awesome. What we mean is that all guys need to strive to continually become a little bit better at everything they do. Evolving as a man isn’t about drastically changing who you are overnight. It’s about working to make countless small, positive changes over time, all the time. Do that, and one day you’ll realize that you’ve become a different man — a better man. An evolved man.

That’s what the Evolving Man Series is all about: Making gradual changes that steadily help you improve. What kinds of changes? Well, in this installment, you’ll learn how to mix a drink for anyone, no matter what their tastes. You’ll figure out how to be an ideal party host. And you’ll find out how to make simple, subtle changes to the way you dress that’ll add up to make a huge difference. Happy evolving!

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