Less Than Jake’s Vinnie Fiorello: Touring Ruins Relationships

Regarding criticism, you must have skin like leather at this point, huh?
The first time you put something out there to be judge and it’s judged, it’s a harsh reality. But after 21 years of being in a band, my skin is fairly thick and tough, and I can just say that it’s someone’s opinion. Occasionally, there is a review that’s so astute that it hits the precise nerve of whatever fear is in my head. … But you can’t spend life worrying about what other people think.

Many LTJ songs pair heavy lyrics with upbeat music. You write the lyrics; are you a perpetually sad or depressed guy?
No. What I am is an over-thinker. … I’m mindful of my mistakes and I use the creative outlet to exercise that demon. There are lots of questions on See The Light that have to do with whether or not I have faith … that things are going to be okay. … And I don’t think that’s a sad thing to question. I think it’s empowering.

So writing gets your angst out?
Whether it’s pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard or a fucking wrench to an engine, you let it flow into that to transfer those highs and lows into something more positive. For me, writing a song helps sweep out the bad and get on with the good. So you sweep your front porch so you can sit on your front porch, for lack of a better saying.

It is like therapy then?
You’re onto something there because there’s a therapeutic value to writing and playing music, but I can’t take the blame off of myself. I’ve made mistakes and I continue to make them. Just because you write about them doesn’t mean you fix the problem. I get myself into a cycle occasionally, and I can’t get out of it. But I also know it’s a cycle.