13 Movies They Should Show High School Students

Trainspotting (1996)
Lesson: Drugs are fun … but can also completely destroy your life.

It’s not written in stone that if you do heroin you’ll end up with explosive withdrawal diarrhea, sleep with a 15-year-old girl at her parents’ house, and hallucinate beyond Wonderland. But the chances are certainly higher.


Annie Hall (1977)
Lesson: You’ll eventually get your heart broken, and you’ll eventually get over it.

Since most people don’t marry their high school sweetheart, they’ll inevitable experience a breakup. When it happens, it’ll feel like your heart has been ripped from your chest and tap danced on with spiked heels by Satan your ex-girlfriend. You won’t be the first to feel this way, and you won’t be the last, but the silver lining found in Annie Hall is that that the feeling of loss won’t last forever.

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