Need A New Car? Here’s What To Consider For Your New Ride

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There’ll come a time in your life when you’ll need a new car. If it’s your first time to buy a new ride or if you’re confused with the available options, there’s nothing you should worry about as there’s always a perfect car for you.

All cars have standard features, such as seats, electric windows, radio, and so much more. However, there are more elements that you should take into consideration; other features might be more important and helpful than some add-ons.

So, whether you settle with a dealer like Vision Nissan or any other dealer near your area, below are the things you should keep in mind when looking for a new ride.

5-Star Safety

Most new cars have a five-star safety rating, but there are several important differences that you should be aware of. For instance, five stars don’t always equate to a car having six or more airbags. Other car makers provide just four airbags to earn a five-star rating. Some cars also have airbags to protect the knees near the glovebox and under the steering column, while some have rear-seat airbags.

A five-star safety feature may also include the following:

  • Safety Alerts – There are various kinds of safety alerts available, like motion detectors, which may give you warnings if another object or vehicle is too close, and a rearview mirror camera that can alert you every time you get distracted.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes – These may come in handy when you want to stop your car suddenly by preventing wheels from locking up and skidding.
  • Electronic Stability Control – This can prevent the car from sliding sideways and spinning out of control if you make a turn at high speed or you have to swerve suddenly.


Do you prefer an automatic transmission or a manual one?  Did you know that there are new cars that come with a semi-automatic transmission wherein clutch is automated and you only have to move the gear stick? 

While your choice of transmission won’t affect your car’s performance, it may affect the cost and the fun element. So, make sure to choose wisely among the best selling cars if you don’t want to end up with regrets.


How fast the car can go and fuel efficiency rate are basically the aspects that can be determined by the vehicle’s engine. There are some basic things you should check, such as the motor’s overall displacement in liters and the number of the engine’s cylinders.

For example, small cars would typically have a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine that’s ideal for fuel efficiency, but could not provide you rapid acceleration, most particularly on an incline. On the contrary, if a car has a powerful 6.2-liter, eight-cylinder engine, you may whizz past everybody else, but you might end up having to cough up more for fuel since the efficiency would suffer. So, choose something that’s suited for the kind of driving you do.


It’s an essential parameter to consider. The reason behind it is that it’s recommended to shop around with various dealers and ask for all other additional and hidden costs you might need to bear before making your final decision.

Car insurance is one of the crucial things you should take note when shopping for a new car. This is mandatory for all new cars. So, you have to protect your assets with the best possible insurance coverage in case an accident happens. The good news is that some dealers and insurers provide special offers and rebates once you purchase a new car. Ensure to check it first before you negotiate the deal.


Since your car is new, concerns about servicing and maintenance are quite minimal. But, due to daily use, it’s prone to wear and tear, so it helps to have a warranty on the parts. 

Check with your dealers because some manufacturers give warranties of up to five years to assert quality benchmark. You’ll also have to check whether the warranty may depend on the number of kilometers or years driven, as well as whether there are available extended warranties.


Wireless phone connectivity is the standard in most hatchbacks in the market, so for it to be missing in vehicles is a glaring omission.

Other Bluetooth systems work better than others. See to it that you check if the Bluetooth was fitted by the car manufacturer at the factory or before the vehicle arrived at the dealership instead of an add-on fitted by the dealer, which is often not covered by the warranty of the car maker and not integrated into the controls of the car.

It’s also best to check if the Bluetooth system is made to stream audio or enables you to link music from any portable device wirelessly to the sound system of your car.

Final Thoughts

With the different car models available in the market today, it can be confusing and challenging to find a new ride suited for your personal preferences and budget. Fortunately, most dealers offer a test drive, which you should take advantage of to know how comfortable the car is and if it provides you the best possible riding experience.