6 Obscure Sports Video Games You Never Knew Existed

5. Husky Express Dog Sled Racing
The game is too ridiculous to play and just as awful to write about. Don’t believe us? We’ve attached the first 10 minutes of the game up top for you to check out. Oddly enough, some people enjoyed it. According to The Guardian, it’s considered an MMO — massive multiplayer online game — in Korea. Seriously.


6. Jam City Rollergirls 
Believe it or not, roller derby is a popular hobby (or profession?). There are more than 1,000 amateur leagues worldwide, and it’s basically like WWE on rollerskates. Except the game is more like a racing game on skates — jammers score the points and blocker, well, block. You’re better off watching someone else play the game on YouTube than actually playing the game yourself.