5 Hair Clippers And Trimmers For Guys

5 Hair Clippers And Trimmers For Guys

Unless you’re giving yourself a marine cut or mercy killing the last remaining strands of hair from your balding head, you probably shouldn’t cut your own hair. Mainly because it’s too easy to screw it up and leave you looking like a total dick who tried to cut his own hair.

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So when we talk about the best hair clippers for men, we’re talking about versatile trimmers guys can use to snip stragglers, touch up the neckline, and keep facial hair in order.

While beard trimmers essentially do the same things as hair clippers, using a tool that saws through thicker hair without the yanking or tugging you might experience when relying on the smaller motor of a trimmer isn’t a terrible idea. We capped our hair clipper selections at $75 and targeted reputable brands and models that will come through in the clutch.

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#1. Panasonic ER-GB80 All-In-One Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer ($43 @ Amazon.com)
From lopping off your mane to tightening up your Hulk Hogan-esque mustache, Panasonic’s universal shaver has you covered. With plenty of options — shave wet or dry with 40 different adjustable settings — you can even wash out tiny hairs without worrying about the liquid clogging up the works. Overall, it’s a great pickup and perfect for guys who trim facial hair daily or take pride in the upkeep of their neckline. But the more detail something has, the more it takes getting used to. You’ll need to mix and match with the dial to find the length that works best for you. It’s not too much of annoyance, just something helpful to know before you pick one up.

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#2. Andis Professional Outliner II ($48 @ Amazon.com)
You may recognize the Outliner II from barber shops, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best hair clippers for men. Its carbon steel blades allow precise trimming for beards, mustaches, and the neck area — plus, you can carve your favorite sports team’s logo into your fade!

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The motor is powerful, but it won’t produce a loud and annoying whir. Its eight-foot cord also provides you with ample room to maneuver. And yes, it’s also safe for guys to use down there, leaving little to no chaffing or irritation when you’re through.

best hair clippers for men, haircuts, hairstyle#3. Phillips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Cordless Hair Clipper ($35-$50 @ Amazon.com)
The unit is fully washable — just run the blades under the tap when you’re through — so these just might be the best hair clippers for lazy men who despise after-cut cleanups. All you’ll be left with is sweeping the floor and wiping down the sink and counter; brushing the blades won’t be as much of a concern.

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Charging the device for one hour provides an hour of use, and the rounded edges on the comb ensure your skin won’t be nicked or sliced if you want to go from trimming the sideburns to leaving stubble. Also, the 180-degree head provides full coverage of your dome, while the 2D contour-following comb runs smooth across your scalp if you’re giving yourself a G.I. Joe cut.

#4. Wahl Chrome Pro ($30 @ Amazon.com)
The Wahl Chrome Pro haircut kit has you covered — literally, since this piece is perfect for total body grooming.

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The machine itself is a combination of metal and plastic, making for a very durable (and surprisingly quiet) product, and the kit comes with trim guides for your ears and eyebrows, combs, scissors, hair clips and a cape: everything you could possibly need and more for home haircuts.

osterclassic76#5. Oster Classic 76 ($125 @ Amazon.com)
Described as a “heavy-duty professional clipper built to last,” the Oster Classic 76 is for big boys only. As such, you may be paying a bit more for this unit than others on the market — and it may be noisier and heavier than some of its brethren — but remember that you’re adding the Cadillac of clippers to your arsenal, one that will last you a lifetime.

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All of the parts are serviceable and replaceable and the motor is powerfully smooth (even faced with the thickest, toughest hair). This hair clipper is for the dudes who are ready to step up and away from cheap disposables.