Old Spice For The Hair: The Good Kind of Smelly

old spice for the hair review shampoo and conditioner

Wolfthorn vs. Pure Sport vs. Bulk Up

Wolfthorn ($4 @ Amazon.com) has two things going for it — a badass name, and it left my hair feeling delightful. And no, I’ve never used the word “delightful” in earnest before this writeup. It shares the title with Drench as the two most aromatic of the four. Both Drench ($4 @ Amazon.com) and Woflthorn (man, I love writing that) have a “clean” and “fresh” scent that doesn’t necessarily rival other products on the market, it just ups the ante a little.

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Pure Sport ($5 @ Amazon.com) and Bulk Up ($4 @ Amazon.com) both smelled fine, but Pure Sport left my hair feeling a little under-conditioned. Meaning it felt clean but wasn’t as soft and bouncy and fluffy like I expected from years of watching shampoo commercials on TV.

We never received the Kickstart ($4 @ Amazon.com), so we’re going to guess as to its effectiveness: It invades your scalp like a virus (a, uh, good kind of virus), digs into  your scalp, latches onto your brain, seeps into your blood stream and sets you out into the world going balls to the wall, 90 mph with your hair looking shiny, bouncy, and smooth.