Own It: Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player

roku ultra streaming device new

The latest addition to Roku’s media streaming ensemble, Roku Ultra ($129 @ roku.com), once again turns any television screen into a convenient player for movies, sports, music, and more. But it also the most powerful device to date, allowing for a brilliant 4K and HDR picture — something Amazon Fire TV doesn’t offer — and an advanced remote that lets users quickly pick their favorite content from channels like Netflix, Hulu, PBS, and Showtime. The remote’s headphone jack also means you don’t have to piss your entire household off while bingeing on Luke Cage. Lastly, the remote’s “finder” alerts you when it’s lodged between the couch cushions.

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Set up is easy, too. Roku Ultra works by connecting to your wireless or wired internet network and to your TV, utilizing a powerful quad-core processor to let you watch more than 350,000 shows on demand. No fancy cords required. Essentially, it’s plug and play.