Own It: Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool

ka bar tactical spork

The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool ($15 @ Amazon.com) is pretty straightforward: it’s a spork — a hybrid fork and spoon — that also happens to turn into a badass 2.5-inch serrated blade when you unsheathe its handy spork top. Made from heavy-duty, dishwasher- and food-safe safe plastic, the tool is precisely what you’d want in a variety of situations. For example, if you were camping in the great outdoors and an enormous bear approached you could … well, the 2.5-inch blade might not be enough. We’ve heard you should make noise and/or haul ass away from the bear if at all possible.

That said, if you were in the great outdoors and needed a knife — situation handled. And after you used that knife if you were in need of a tool to eat — again, situation handled. Above all, it’s a cool, cheap thing to own. Even if you’re not in the wilderness it’s not a horrible thing to keep in your car for both hunger and personal security reasons.

However, as far as what you call it, always refer to this as a tool. If you’re ever questioned by law enforcement and you say you have a knife it can be considered a weapon. This is a tool — just like a hammer or screwdriver or … spork. You can’t arrest someone for using a tool.

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