You Can Own the Apartments From Your Favorite TV Shows


We love TV, but we generally don’t watch it with a realtor’s eye. (Aside from Friends; it was effing ridiculous how nice their apartments were based on how little money they all made.) That said, we love what Spanish artist Inaki Aliste Lizzarralde has created — meticulously rendered floor plans of the homes from some of the most popular TV shows of all time. From Friends and Seinfeld to The Golden Girls and Three’s Company, there’s plenty to choose from, and prints of the apartments are all available in her ETSY store. These are some of our favorites …

Dexter's apartment

You’d think a serial killer would find a place with more closet space. Sheesh, if we were hacking people up and keeping the mutilated bodies in our pad — which would be a terrible idea, according to Forensic Files — we’d at least want a walk-in closet or two in which to pile them. (via Etsy)